Do Online Surveys Really Pay Cash?


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By: Kline Mitchell

Online surveys have become increasingly popular over the last few years. As the economy soured and people lost their jobs, they turned more to work that they can do at home. Are paid online surveys really a good choice though? Do online surveys really pay cash or are they a rip off? How do you choose the good survey companies? There are lots of questions to be answered, so keep reading and learn what you need to know to actually make some money in this business.

The first thing you should find out is whether the survey company really pays money. Some surveys pay cash money and others pay by giving you chances to win prizes or the ability to save points to earn products. If you are looking to replace lost income, a prize or product is not very valuable. You would have to get the product and then resell it at a fraction of its value. This is not going to pay your bills. So, if income is what you need, you need to look for the survey companies that pay cash. Avoid survey companies that offer you points if you need to pay bills.

Next, you need to look at how much they will be paying you. They might offer you $5 to fill out a survey but what if that survey takes you 2 hours to complete. This means that you are only earning $2.50 an hour. Not bad if you are just wasting time on the internet, but it is not going to pay the rent. Look for companies that are up front with what they will be paying and how much of your time is required. Take the payout amount and divide it by the time involved to find out whether it is worth your time.

Finally, you need to see if the company really pays out at all. There are a lot of fly by night companies in this industry. Companies that will waste your time and then not pay out. Do a search for the survey company online and see what pops up. Add keywords like “complaints” or “rip off” and see what appears. For example, search for “company x rip off”. If they have done wrong, you will see results. If people are happy with them and have made money, you will find out about it. That is the great thing about the internet. It makes it harder for bad companies to stay under the radar.

As you can see, there are lots of things to consider when thinking about doing online surveys. One thing that you should know though is that they will never make you rich. They can, however, allow you to earn some extra money in the comfort of your home.

My name is Kline, and I write on a number of different topics. For more information on legitimate survey companies online, click here. I am sure that you will find the information useful in your quest to make money online.

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Everything You Would Like to Know About Paid Surveys!


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Are you thinking of ways to increase your income? Do you know that you are paid for your honest opinions? Are you aware that there are legitimate sources which pay you for what you think? Yes! Paid surveys are fast emerging as one of the simplest means of minting money!

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Everything You Would Like to Know About Paid Surveys!.

What To Expect When Signing Up For Surveys


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When it comes to generating an income online, most individuals are not sure what to expect. They often feel nervous about the safety of their sensitive information and wonder if the time spent is actually worth it. They are also unsure of where to start and how difficult the process is. Fortunately, the process is not difficult at all. While you won’t make tons of money, paid surveys are typically the easiest and most economical way to earn additional income online while in the comforts of your home.

The goal is to get paid to take surveys, not the other way around. You should be paid for your opinion. Legitimate survey companies should not ask for anything in return. At no point during the creation of your profile, the completion of surveys, or any other use of the site should you be required to pay any amount of money.

Aside from taking surveys online, some survey companies occasionally offer their members an opportunity to visit a local store or a website by providing free gift cards which will be given in advance. Members may keep all of the items purchased using the gift card; only their opinion of the store’s or the site’s operations and service are asked for in return.

It is normal to feel apprehensive about giving your personal information to these survey companies. After all, it is a fact that there are hundreds of sites out there whose main objective is to scam people. That is why it is important to do a thorough research about a survey company before signing up. Make sure that you read through the privacy policies, terms and conditions, and FAQs of each site.  The main reason why they ask for a lot of information is so that they could  make sure that the profiles match the content.  Since surveys are provided by many different sponsors, some may not be suited for all members.

Top 7 Paid Survey Tips


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By: Steven Walters

Want to make some money online? Take a paid survey! Yep, tens of thousands of people just like me and you are making money every day online taking paid surveys. And it is getting easier and better everyday as paid survey companies expand their reach. If you’ve tried paid surveys before without success maybe what you were missing was a plan and some guidance. This article will try to help you with that so you too can make money taking paid surveys. The 7 paid survey tips here will have you on your way in minutes.

It is so easy to make extra cash with paid surveys. Don’t think you can’t do it, because you certainly can. The top survey companies are paying out millions of dollars every year to people for taking their surveys. All you need are a computer, an internet connection and an opinion (you have all those, right?).

Maybe you won’t get rich taking paid surveys, but you CAN make your life more comfortable. How about enough money to pay your car payment every month? You can do that with paid surveys. Or what about enough money to take that dream vacation? Paid surveys can pay for that too. Or maybe you want to retire early? You can turbo charge your retirement savings through paid surveys.

The bottom line is everyone can use some extra cash to make their lives easier. And there is no way that is easier or more risk free than by taking a paid survey. They are free to take and if you stick with the proven paid survey companies you know that you’ll be getting checks every month.

So here they are in no particular order. 7 tips to maximize your paid survey earnings.

1. Get yourself a list of paid survey companies, the longer the better. You can search for “paid survey” at Google and get a huge list of companies offering paid surveys or lists of paid survey companies. Just make sure that you use the free lists. You shouldn’t ever have to pay for any paid survey information. You shouldn’t even give up your email address to get a list of paid surveys. The free lists are the same as the ones that make you pay or register, so take the time to find a free paid survey list.

2. Register for a new email account to use when you sign up for surveys. This will keep your paid surveys separate from your personal email and help get you organized and focused.

3. Download and install Roboform or some other form filling software. This software can help you fill out forms up to 90% faster than doing it manually and time is very important to you when your taking paid surveys for cash. Roboform is free and it will increase your earnings dramatically. Anyone who is serious about making money by filling out paid surveys should have it.

4. Now that you have a list and a separate email account start going through it and sign up with as many paid survey companies as possible. The more sites you register with the more surveys you will receive. The goal here is to be able to take the best paying surveys out there. You want to be able to pick and choose your opportunities. Plus, some sites only send out surveys on a weekly or monthly basis, but these are often the surveys you want. Because they don’t survey frequently they often pay very well for your time. Signing up with as many paid survey sites as possible is the best thing you can do to maximize your income from paid surveys.

5. Complete your profiles at each survey company you register with. The survey companies use these profiles to decide who gets each paid survey. If you’ve taken the time to register don’t disqualify yourself from some surveys because you didn’t complete your profile. Also, consider everything you’ve ever done or owned when you complete your profile. Even if you don’t have a dog now, if you’ve ever owned a dog you are a good survey candidate because you have valid opinions about products relating to dogs. This goes for anything. Be creative and be flexible, but don’t lie.

6. Make sure you are checking your email regularly for new paid survey opportunities. Some surveys only need a limited number of respondents and the best paying surveys fill up fast. Three times a day should be sufficient, but if you are able to then check it more often. You will also see that the paid survey companies like it when you are a good panel member. Those who regularly respond to surveys will get more paid surveys and they will get better paying surveys. In addition, you could be invited to join exclusive survey panels that are the cream of the crop when it comes to paid surveys.

7. Of course you want to take the highest paying surveys first, but don’t discount surveys that enter you into drawings. They serve several purposes. First of all you might win! Some of the drawings, especially from smaller paid survey companies, have really good odds for winning. And if you consistently get yourself entered into drawings you will win one eventually. Another reason for doing this is to establish credibility with the paid survey company. Show them that you want more surveys and they will send them.

So there you have it, the 7 tips to making money through paid surveys. I hope that these tips have given you both the information and motivation that you need to make money online with paid surveys. It really is very simple and safe. Now get out there and take a paid survey.

About the Author:

The author is a paid survey expert and has been taking paid surveys and instructing others how to get paid for surveys for over a year. To learn how you can get paid to fill out surveys visit his paid survey site which has links to over 300 paid survey companies available for free.

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7 Tips On Increasing Your Paid Survey Profits


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By: Chris Price

Step 1 – Find a Free Paid Surveys Directory

There are several websites out there that will try to get you to pay up to $60.00 for a paid survey directory. There is no need to pay for a list of paid surveys. There are several websites that offer this type of information for free and they can be found easily by searching

Step 2 – Set up an email account just for your paid surveys

Once you have established yourself as a paid survey panelist you will start to receive several invitations to participate in paid surveys everyday. You don’t want these emails getting mixed up with other email accounts you may not often check. The best thing to do is set up a free email account at Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google and use it only for your paid surveys.

Step 3 – Join the Top 20 Paid Survey Panels

Anyone just starting out should always start by joining the top 20 paid survey panels. These are the most popular survey panels and also the ones that are known to send the most paid surveys on a regular basis. You can easily find the top 20 survey panels by typing in top 20 paid survey panels on any of the major search engines, like or Google.

Step 4 – Confirm Your Registrations

Sometimes a paid survey panel will send you a confirmation email or follow up survey to check that you are really the person that registered. Make sure you confirm all registrations. You may not be considered an official panelist until you confirm your registration.

Step 5 – Check Your Paid Survey Email Account Often

Several people may be invited to participate in a paid survey. But sometimes there are only so many people needed. In order to maximize your profits you want to be able to respond to a paid survey invitation as soon as possible. Make sure you check your email at least once a day.

Step 6 – Take All Surveys

A lot of times you will be sent short surveys that don’t pay very much or only enter you into a drawing. This is very often a survey to see if you fit the demographics for a more important and higher paying survey. If you do you may be invited to participate in a high paying survey or even a focus group or product test. This can be very profitable.

Step 7 – Invite Others to Join

Several of the most popular paid survey panels offer their panelists even more money for bringing in other panelists. These companies are in constant need of new paid survey panelists as a lot of people lose interest after a short period of time. You can make a lot of money recruiting others. Some of these paid survey panels will pay you up to $4.00 just for getting someone else to sign up. These are some of the companies that have referral programs:

Survey Club – $1.00 per referral

NFO My Survey – $1.50 per referral

Lightspeed Research – $.75 per referral

Survey Savvy – $.82 per survey taken from your referrals

These are just a few. Most all of the top 20 paid survey panels have some type of referral system. As you can see this money can add up quick. An informative article or ad on a high traffic forum or message board can easily bring lots of new sign ups.

This article was written by Chris Price. Mr. Price is the owner of, a database of
over 300 legitimate market research companies that have paid survey panels. Paid Surveys

Article Source:  7 Tips On Increasing Your Paid Survey Profits

Online Survey Jobs – How to Earn with Online Survey Jobs



Online Survey Jobs – How to Earn With Online Survey Jobs
By: Pam Phipps

Online survey jobs have increased over the years since market research companies started making the move online.

This work has been the source of much debate as there are some common misconceptions about online survey jobs.

While this type of work would not really be classified as a conventional type job because you will be working for several different companies if you want to increase your chances at making a good monthly income.

Survey work should not be confused with those free to join “get paid to” sites that have folks completing what would appear to be surveys for anywhere from.25-$1.00

These sites are a way to make money online from home but the only way to make good money from “get paid to” sites is by referring others and making a percentage of what those people do online. This is very different from real online survey jobs.

Let’s get to the point of how to really start making a good monthly income using real online market research surveys and focus groups.

There are many great companies you can and will need to build relationships with in order to make a nice monthly income doing market research surveys and focus groups.

This is the number one key to being successful with surveys as connecting with a good number of companies will keep work available to you whenever you want to work.

Weeding through to find legitimate sites and companies is the biggest challenge.

The biggest piece of advice I offer to anyone looking for online survey jobs is to join a good survey directory site as it will cut down the time finding work and ensure you are dealing with the best companies and highest paying surveys available.

Express Survey Directory is a great company I have been dealing with for several years now and they have always made sure I am connected with the best paid surveys online.

Click Here Now to visit their site for complete details.

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Online Survey Jobs – Tips to Help Find the Best Paid Surveys


By: Bryan Hufford

Paid surveys are one of the best ways to make money online, especially for beginners. Many people new to making money online tend to gravitate towards finding the best online survey jobs available. And who can blame them? Getting paid to take surveys is one of the easiest jobs in the world, and when done right, can be very rewarding.

With paid surveys, the incentives are endless. You can get anything from cold, hard cash to products, gift certificates and more, all for simply sharing your opinion! It truly doesn’t get much better than that.

The only problem that many people new to paid surveys cross is that they dive right into the frenzy, searching for online survey jobs without really looking into what they are actually signing up for. While there are a host of legitimate paid survey sites out there, there are also a share of scams amongst the sea of these type of sites. With that said, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

When searching for online survey jobs, make sure that the company (or companies) you’re signing up with are legitimate. Check the internet for reviews of that company as well to see if people are getting paid on time (or even getting paid at all). There is no point to sign up with a survey or market research company that doesn’t meet their end of the bargain (paying their members for their opinions).

When you’re looking at paid survey sites to sign up with, make sure you’re going to be getting what you want. If you’re after cash only and a survey site only pays with points to be turned in for products and other rewards, don’t waste your time signing up. If you don’t care what you’re going to be getting, whether it’s just cash, rewards or other products, then by all means, sign up. It doesn’t hurt anything by doing so.

Another thing you may want to consider is signing up for a company that offers a database of survey companies to sign up for. Usually, these sites charge a small fee to access their database, but there are numerous benefits to going this route. For one, you won’t have to endlessly search the internet for paid survey sites to sign up with. This will not only save you time, but by accessing a large database of paid survey sites, you’re essentially getting the satisfaction of knowing that these survey sites are legitimate and proven.

When signing up to become a member of a survey database, you also get access to online survey jobs that pay more than regular surveys, which are also known as focus groups. You can literally earn a few hundred dollars for just a couple hours of your time. Overall, becoming a member of a survey database community is worth it.

If you want to start earning money from online survey jobs today, then you need to visit Free Survey Jobs now, where you’ll discover only the highest paying survey companies out there!

Article Source:  Online Survey Jobs – Tips to Help Find the Best Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys – Great Way to Earn Extra Cash


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With the slowing global economy, market research has become extremely important for large corporations that wish to remain successful.  And since it’s also important to keep expenses low, these companies are searching for new ways to get the information they need using the most efficient methods possible.  As with most things in our 21st century economy, the Internet has provided the solution that these companies have been searching for.  Using sites like SurveyDigger, GlobalTestMarket, MySurvey, etc., these corporations are able to gain the opinions of consumers everywhere about how they can improve their operations and products.

Survey sites provides members with free online paid surveys that help larger companies gain crucial information relating to their market.  They need honest, quality opinions, so they are willing to pay individuals for the time spent on online surveys.  This provides an excellent benefit to consumers, as they are essentially getting paid to tell their favorite companies how they can improve their products and services.

Filling out online surveys differs from many other methods of making money over the Internet.  Participants are not required to adhere to a specific schedule set by the site; they are free to complete surveys when their own personal schedules allow.  There is no requirement to complete a set number of surveys within a given time, and members may ignore offers whenever they see fit.

As great as these sites are, large corporations know that there are no substitutes for a little field work.  That’s why they utilize online survey sites to find consumers willing to try out their local branches in exchange for free products.  Restaurants may want to know the quality of service being provided in a particular location, and a retailer may need more information on the cleanliness of its stores.  As a result, companies will provide survey sites with free gift cards to these stores, which are then passed on to its members.  The sponsors are only after opinions, so anything purchased with free gift cards remains the property of those using them.  This is typically reserved for specific locations, so members in some areas may not be eligible for free gift cards.

In order to garner the most relevant results possible, the corporations sponsoring online surveys for cash need very specific information from participants.  Information relating to shopping habits, including income, favorite stores, and the amount of money spent on average for specific projects are required from each member.  Other important information, including age, sex, and location will also be important in determining a member’s eligibility for free online paid surveys.

The habits of large corporations are dependent upon specific trends within their industry.  Some industries experience greater sales during specific times of the year than others.  Because of this, the availability of paid surveys will vary.  Members will find that more surveys are available at specific times (especially before the holidays), while other seasons may see a reduction in the paid surveys being offered.

Recession Solution


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With all of the recent news reports focusing on the diminishing economy around the world, it’s easy for a family to grow nervous about their financial stability.  Jobs are being lost on a regular basis and households are finding it harder to cover their basic living expenses.  However, there is still one easy source of income that isn’t going anywhere: free paid online surveys.  Online surveys provide a convenient method for generating additional income online when you need it most.  And you won’t find a better choice than SurveyDigger’s online surveys for cash.

The SurveyDigger paid surveys are your ticket to supplementing your current paycheck with a little extra income.  The exact figures you make will depend upon your effort and specific shopping choices, but members typically average between $5 and $75 per hour.  Just a few hours each week can go a long way in providing a family with some extra cash.  Some of the site’s surveys will also occasionally feature coupons as well, leading to even greater savings during your next shopping trip.

SurveyDigger saves you more money over a traditional job.  You can work from home or on the go so you’ll never have to worry about fuel and car expenses driving to and from work.  SurveyDigger’s paid surveys are also offered to members free.  You will never have to pay to sign up or to use the service.

SurveyDigger online surveys also offer a greater level of convenience over a part time job.  There’s no boss running around telling you what to do and when to do it.  You fill out surveys during your own free time when it’s convenient for you.  So whether you’re wanting to feel a little more productive while watching TV or make a little extra money during those long hours in the waiting room, you can complete paid surveys whenever you choose to do so.  And with so many portable electronics that you can use to access the Internet, you can complete online surveys from just about anywhere at any time.

It’s easy to take SurveyDigger’s paid surveys.  The process begins by setting up an account.  Users will enter some basic information about themselves and their shopping habits.  An easy to follow system will guide visitors form one page to another, listing the specific information necessary for each.  After the profile has been created, members will be sent an email notification when a new survey is available that matches their preferences.  The actual surveys feature a familiar format; a question is presented and members are asked to choose an honest answer.  At the end, a simple submit button will record all of the answers, send them, and then reward payment to the user’s account.  All of the complex operations are handled automatically, so members are free to begin earning money from SurveyDigger’s paid surveys right away!

Guide to Legitimate Paid Survey Sites


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Online surveys have become a hot topic among those seeking an additional income from home.  Unfortunately, the idea has also become more popular among online scammers, who will exploit the success of legitimate paid surveys by stealing information through a site that claims to offer online surveys.  Because of this, the industry has garnered an unfavorable reputation that has inhibited the opportunity of many consumers to make a little extra money by filling out legitimate paid surveys.  There are trustworthy sites out there, but filtering them from the scammers requires careful scrutiny that is based on a few common factors among such sites.

First, consumers should never sign up for a survey site that requires them to pay a fee, whether it is upfront or at any other time.  Legitimate paid surveys are administered by firms that are receiving funding from sponsors, not users.  The sponsors pay the firm to host surveys on their behalf with the goal of obtaining the accurate opinions of consumers.  If a survey site does request money from the users, the best case scenario is that it cannot obtain an adequate number of sponsors and would not be worth a consumer’s time.  Most likely, however, these sites are just taking money from visitors without any intention of providing them with the opportunity to earn it back.

A company’s privacy policy will provide detailed information on how your information will be handled.  This information should always be carefully reviewed when determining if a site offers legitimate paid surveys.  If the privacy policy states that your information will be sold to third parties, you can expect to receive an influx of phone calls and mail.  There is no way to determine the credibility of the third parties that will receive your information, so such sites should be avoided.  Also stay away from sites that do not provide privacy policy information.

Only professional sites will be able to attract the attention of business sponsors.  Therefore, a sure sign of whether or not a site offers legitimate paid surveys is its overall professionalism.  If the visuals and content provide a sense of a polished business, it’s more likely to be legitimate.  If the site design is poor and the copy within its pages contains numerous misspelled words and grammatical errors, it was likely developed by a scammer and should be avoided.  However, consumers should still be aware that professional looking sites may still not be legitimate.

When reviewing the site, find out if there is a way to contact the business owners.  If a site is offering legitimate paid surveys, the administrators will typically welcome feedback and concerns from participants.  If a site is functioning as a scam, the owners will try to detract themselves from it as much as possible.  Since there are methods of getting around contact information, this should not be regarded as the only test of legitimacy for a survey site.

Some of the best signs of a company offering legitimate paid surveys will not even come from the site; rather, a quick search engine query will reveal important information from other sources.  Typically, these sources are blogs and forums on which individuals discuss their personal experience with a given survey site.  If a particular outlet attempts to scam its users, they will be quick to warn others using these online communities.