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By: Kline Mitchell

Online surveys have become increasingly popular over the last few years. As the economy soured and people lost their jobs, they turned more to work that they can do at home. Are paid online surveys really a good choice though? Do online surveys really pay cash or are they a rip off? How do you choose the good survey companies? There are lots of questions to be answered, so keep reading and learn what you need to know to actually make some money in this business.

The first thing you should find out is whether the survey company really pays money. Some surveys pay cash money and others pay by giving you chances to win prizes or the ability to save points to earn products. If you are looking to replace lost income, a prize or product is not very valuable. You would have to get the product and then resell it at a fraction of its value. This is not going to pay your bills. So, if income is what you need, you need to look for the survey companies that pay cash. Avoid survey companies that offer you points if you need to pay bills.

Next, you need to look at how much they will be paying you. They might offer you $5 to fill out a survey but what if that survey takes you 2 hours to complete. This means that you are only earning $2.50 an hour. Not bad if you are just wasting time on the internet, but it is not going to pay the rent. Look for companies that are up front with what they will be paying and how much of your time is required. Take the payout amount and divide it by the time involved to find out whether it is worth your time.

Finally, you need to see if the company really pays out at all. There are a lot of fly by night companies in this industry. Companies that will waste your time and then not pay out. Do a search for the survey company online and see what pops up. Add keywords like “complaints” or “rip off” and see what appears. For example, search for “company x rip off”. If they have done wrong, you will see results. If people are happy with them and have made money, you will find out about it. That is the great thing about the internet. It makes it harder for bad companies to stay under the radar.

As you can see, there are lots of things to consider when thinking about doing online surveys. One thing that you should know though is that they will never make you rich. They can, however, allow you to earn some extra money in the comfort of your home.

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Article Source: Do Online Surveys Really Pay Cash?